“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Data backup is serious business. Unfortunately, many will giggle at the milk carton cartoon, not realizing that if they had a system crash in the next few seconds, what the consequences and the trickle-down effect could have on their lives.

Let’s be frank for a minute. Sometimes, one needs to state the obvious, and this is one of those times.

The single most important commodity on your computer is your DATA!

The single most important aspect of computing is DATA BACKUP!
Any file that you, yourself, or those in your employ, have created is a DATA file. And you can’t replace it if your hard drive crashes, or lightning hits your computer, or your computer is stolen, or your home is flooded or burns down, taking your computer out with it!

You can always buy another Operating System (Windows), another productivity suite (Office), even a new computer – but you cannot BUY another copy of your data files that you have created over time – the letters, presentations, spreadsheets, databases and publications, not to mention your priceless pictures and videos.

And if you’re a business owner, what would happen if you lost all your customer information?
50% of businesses that lose their data never open their doors again!
Of those that do, 90% fail within 2 years!

whybackup1 in every 4 computers will suffer a critical data loss this year. Over 500,000 computers were stolen last year. Over 25% of data loss is a result of computer program errors, software viruses and natural disasters – factors completely out of your control.
Please – do yourself a favor – take a serious interest in a backup plan today!
Don’t wait until you wish you had one 5 minutes ago!

ANY backup plan is better than NO backup plan. The BEST backup plan is the plan that works best for YOU – that suits YOUR needs!
There exists a myriad of backup solutions with a variety of options, depending on your needs:
From very simple-and-free to very complex-and-pricey.
From do-it-yourself to automatic.
There is also software from both extremes that we can recommend to assist you in this process.

Call Salem Computer Doctors today to find the right backup option for your needs. Also, call before purchasing hardware such as external drives, DVD burners and Flash drives for some additional specification information that will prove helpful and our current pricing. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver high quality hardware at prices more affordable than the big computer stores.

Whatever price tag your backup plan comes with – ask how much your data is worth to you.
How many hours do you have invested in creating it? How long would it take, and at what cost, to recreate it, if even possible?
How valuable are those pictures – those moments frozen in time – that can never be replaced?

Please – start your backup plan today, and you’ll sleep better tonight. And please feel free to call us with any questions.

Where your data is concerned, an ounce of prevention is worth a TON of cure!

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